Show me some skin…..

A friend of mine (thanks Ace!) told me about a place that she thought was closing, that was offering several free skins.  So I popped on over and OMG – there are 15 skins and a shape for free.  And you don’t have to join the group.  Get on over there before it is too late.  I am going to show you a few….

There are three different series (Cinnamon, Ease and Tofa) and then 5 skin tones in each.  Get in the cab to Buttons and get yours now!

Then my good friend gave me another LM to check out the free skin there – wow!  You do have to join this group, but it is free, PLUS you get two really cool tops!

Here’s your taxi…………………..

Last, but certainly not least, I FINALLY won the last skin I needed to win at Censored – Lara Light.  I think I may be set for skins for now (well, until there is another LB or free sale going on that is!)


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