So Many Goodies!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE this time 0f year!  The vendors in SL give away some of the best merchandise.  See for yourself!

This cute little outfit (boots not included) is from BCC – join the group (free) and get your gift!

OH MY GOODNESS!  This outfit was sent to the Fab Free members from Indie Rose.  Absolutely gorgeous!!

(sorry, don’t have specific location where to join Fab Free, but find my profile inworld, click on it and you should be able to join from there)

Nails by Pierced.  Go to this location and look for Christmas boxes by the tree.

Ok, the frosty eyelashes weren’t free, but I HAD to have them.  I didn’t realize it until I opened the box (I guess I don’t pay attention all the time) that you get two sets of eyelashes – black and white and then you get frosty lips and cheeks (not wearing either in this photo).  So for 90L you get a bargain.  You can find these at Izzies during the Perfect Wardrobe event.


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