MC Fashion Event and Storax Tree

*uni-qu3* is at the MC Fashion event with the maze white cowl dress.  I love this dress!  This short sleeved, below the knee dress has a tie belt.  Storax has some new items!  I love Storax products as they are high quality and some are SO cute.  Like the Siamese cats with bed.  You will also find the Mod Chic Mirrors and Wrought Iron Plant Stands.

MC Fashion uni 3ue

MC Fashion uni 3ue 2





MC Fashion Events - LOGO 400

storaxtree logo rev2 82013framethin 400


*uni-qu3* @ MC Fashion Event

Storax Tree


Hair:  Alli & Ali Marina

Earrings:  Phoebe’s Piercings Vintage Musa (part of set) @ Designer Circle

Shoes:  Patula’s House Alegria Rainbow (group gift)

Poses by Diesel Works (March gift)




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