Tokoyo Girl at the Skin Fair

Tokoyo Girl has three beautiful skins at the Skin Fair.  I really like these skins as they very fresh, without a lot of makeup.  Shapes are also Tokoyo Girl.

Hestia - sunkissed with eyeliner
Hestia – Sunkissed with Eyeliner

Skin Fair Tokoyo Girl Hestia 2

Inari - Tanned Pure
Inari – Tanned Pure

Tokoyo Girl Inari Tanned Pure 2

Tene - Natural Freckles
Tene – Natural Freckles

Tokoyo Girl Tene 2

Skin Fair Poster 2014


Tokoyo Girl at the Skin Fair Sim 2



Hair:  Tameless Dori

Outfit:  Bubbles Midnight


Hair:  EMO-tions Shy

Pants:  blah BLAH, blah Rockin’ Hawt


Hair:  Alli & Ali Abbey

Top:  IMaGE Factory Norah (jacket and tank top)

Pants:  Bitter Bunny Designs Sweet as Eff

All poses by Adorkable Poses (store closed)


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