Frakture Poses is at the GGG – Gimme Gimme Gacha event with some pose props.  The AFK prop features three poses in each color with one Rare and four Common.  The Smartphone comes in 4 colors, with 1 Rare and 4 Common, each with 4 poses.  This event lasts until August 31.

Frakture Poses GGG Event

Frakture Poses GGG Event Blue

Can't Talk Right Now
Can’t Talk Right Now
Selfie Time!
Selfie Time!
Stupid Spellcheck *&*^%
Stupid Spellcheck *&*^%
Who's Calling Me???
Who’s Calling Me???

Frakture Poses @ Gimme Gimme Gacha 



Hair:  Damselfly Eilana

Outfit:  LIV Glam I Want Candy

Shoes:  Cay Crystal Designs Twirl Pink Tennis Shoes


Hair:  Damselfly Silvia

Earrings:  LIV Glam Aemilia

Dress:  LIV Glam Giant in My Heart

Shoes:  LIV Glam Mahogany Black


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