Felicity and Storax Tree

This may be the last post for 2014 – goodbye to a great year!  I am ending it with items from Felicity Shoes and Storax Tree.  Two gifts from Felicity – Delia in Holiday Red and Zoie in Teal Metallic.  Perfect for your New Year’s Eve outfit!  And Storax Tree has new items for your home.  You can decorate in style with Storax.

Felicity and Storax

Felicity and Storax2


Felicity and Storax3

Felicity and Storax4

Felicity and Storax5

Felicity Overlord - Felicity (Store Logo)


storaxtree logo rev2 82013framethin




Delicate Garden Gold Fg @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room 

Barrel Planter Bi 60L Secret @ Storax 

Stone Planter B Floral Aa @ Fi*Friday Fashion House

Feline Treasures Naptime Doma Ocelot Hydrangea Secret Wednesday @ Storax 


Hair:  Vanity Hair Xmas (group gift)

Earrings:  Chop Zuey Little Snow Girl (Advent gift)

Tops:  Beautiful Dirty Rich So Cozy in Red and Random Cold Day (group gifts)

Skirt:  LIV Glam Liquified Dreams (store is closing December 30, old items sold on Marketplace)

Poses by Purple Pose Jayce



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