Not to imPOSE….

But I want to show you a few of the poses that are new from Signature Pose.  This pose pack (18/8/2016) has 16 poses in it, some which are sitting.

Signature Pose 1Signature Pose 2

Signature Pose


Hair:  Sentinus Lamia (new group gift)

Necklaces:  Beloved Jewelry Unisex and Opera; Sn@tch Starbound

Top:  Sn@tch Anya Sheer Top

Skirt:  Entice Come Sail Away @ Tres Chic

Stockings:  Sn@tch Ellie Lace Top @ Genre

Shoes:  Sn@tch Mesh Mab Mules


Get Beach Ready

Summer is almost here and time to get ready for beach wear.  Beautiful Dirty Rich is participating in the Women Only Hunt with this beautiful exclusive color swim suit.  This comes with system clothing or various appliers.

Signature Pose is at the Pose Lovers event with a single pose pack – 018.  There are 10 poses in this package.

BDR WOH excl color

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Signature Pose @ Pose Lovers


Hair:  KoKoLoReS Sienna (VIP group gift)

Location:  Ville Par La Mer


I am Posing Reckless

Beautiful Dirty Rich has released some super hot over the knee boots – Reckless.  These come with a hud so you have a variety of colors to choose from, plus you can also change heel cap colors.  And to go with these boots, the Reckless collar which is very sexy.  Changes in collar and spike colors are also options via a hud.

Signature Pose at is the Gen Neutral event with 4 single pose packs.  Each pack contains 10 poses.  I am showing you one pose from each pack.

BDR Signature Pose 014 stand back
Pose Pack 014 Stand Back
BDR Signature Pose 015 exit
Pose Pack 015 Exit
BDR Signature Pose 016 energy walking
Pose Pack 016 Energy Walking
BDR Signature Pose 017 eavesdropping
Pose Pack 017 Eavesdropping

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Signature Pose @ Gen Neutral 


Hair:  Tameless Phoenix

Lip and Polish colors:  ZOZ Noir Flair

Outfit:  Beautiful Dirty Rich Reckless Leopard sold on the Marketplace

100 Block

Signature Pose is at the 100 Block, which starts today April 9 with several poses.  They have 7 couples and three single poses packs available.  Shown at two poses from each single pack.

Pose Pack 011

Pose Pack 012

Pose Pack 013

Signature Pose @ 100 Block 


Hair:  TRUTH Jinx (former gift)

Top and Shorts:  ever.glow Knotted Top and Vintage Denim Shorts

Sneakers:  Cay Crystal Designs Pink Swirl


I Love to Pose in Jewelry

M’s Avon is going to be at the Dark Side event that starts on April 9 with cross necklaces in various colors – Red, Blue, Green and Pink and they will be sold for 50L.  You will also find one in Silver for only 10L!

M's Avon Cross necklace

Signature Pose has another pose set available that includes 10 poses, as well as a pose hud.

Signature Pose Set 10 1Signature Pose Set 10 2

M’s Avon @ Dark Side 

Signature Pose Pose Pack 010


Hair:  Blues Minky

Outfit:  Aura Ela

Shoes:  Felicity Falyn (New)

And We Start Out 2016 With….

This week for Secret Wednesday at LaVian&Co, I am wearing Look Me Over (Bag 2).  This long sleeved collared/cuffed sleeves shirt comes with the pants.  If you want a change in color, use the included hud for different textures on  the shirt and collar/cuff as well as the pant colors.

VG Shoes, LaVian, Pink 1

VG Shoes, LaVian, Pink 2

VG Shoes is participating in the Black Dot event with two shoe styles.  I am wearing Tokoyo Leathers.  This classic stiletto comes in many colors.

VG Shoes, LaVian, Pink 3

And all of the poses you see in this post are from Pink Insidious newest pose set – Rude.  I think Pink Insidious is one of the better pose places in Second Life, the poses are more natural looking.  There are six poses in this pack.

VG Shoes, LaVian, Pink 4

VG Shoes, LaVian, Pink 5

VG Shoes, LaVian, Pink 6

VG Shoes, LaVian, Pink 7

This Sim I am taking photos on is a very interesting and artistic place – Stranger Things are Happening.  I found this through the Destinations in Second Life.  Makes for some great photos!


Pink Insidious

VG Shoes @ Black Dot Project


Hair:  Analog Dog Val (freebie)

Location:  Stranger Things are Happening







Maai Pink Insidious Poses

Occasionally, I like to do something a little different when it comes to styling.  I was barefoot when I put on this new gown from Maai – Gwen.  I loved the way it looked without having to dress it up with shoes or jewelry so I decided to showcase it along with new poses from Pink Insidious – Pesky.  This is simple yet still elegant and the poses were perfect for this.  Pesky is a 6 pose set and Gwen comes in 4 colors.

Gwen in Purple
Gwen in Purple

Maii Insidious 2

Maai Insidious3


PI 2


Pink Insidious


Hair:  EMO-tions Jona (group gift)

Skin:  Ooh-la-licious Marilyn in Honey

Barefeet:  Slink High Bare Feet

Yippee I A

The Wild West Fair starts today and runs until September 5.  I am a country girl so this is right up my “haystack”.  Frakture Poses has an exclusive pose prop – Fence post with 4 poses.  Also there is a Gacha where you can try for 1 Rare and 4 Common poses with gun props!





Frakture Poses fence prop


{FP} Store Logo


Frakture Poses @ The Wild West Fair


Hat:  Rider’s World (complimentary straw)

Hair:  MINA Eva

Earrings:  Modern Couture Kalisto

Outfit:  LIV Glam Bang Your Dead

Boots:  J’s Mainshop Fringe



Frakture Poses is at the GGG – Gimme Gimme Gacha event with some pose props.  The AFK prop features three poses in each color with one Rare and four Common.  The Smartphone comes in 4 colors, with 1 Rare and 4 Common, each with 4 poses.  This event lasts until August 31.

Frakture Poses GGG Event

Frakture Poses GGG Event Blue

Can't Talk Right Now
Can’t Talk Right Now
Selfie Time!
Selfie Time!
Stupid Spellcheck *&*^%
Stupid Spellcheck *&*^%
Who's Calling Me???
Who’s Calling Me???

Frakture Poses @ Gimme Gimme Gacha 



Hair:  Damselfly Eilana

Outfit:  LIV Glam I Want Candy

Shoes:  Cay Crystal Designs Twirl Pink Tennis Shoes


Hair:  Damselfly Silvia

Earrings:  LIV Glam Aemilia

Dress:  LIV Glam Giant in My Heart

Shoes:  LIV Glam Mahogany Black