Sad November

Beautiful Dirty Rich is at the Sad November event with some awesome items.  I love the Obsession Fur Jacket and In the Silence Pants (that include the boots!).  Both come with huds for color/texture changes so you have sooooo many different outfits in one!

Beautiful Dirty Rich @ Sad November


Beautiful Dirty Rich @ Sad November


Hair:  Runaway Design Luan @ The Dressing Room

Pose:  BAXE Hippie @ Designer Showcase


Side to Side

Beautiful Dirty Rich is at the Elite event with this exclusive strappy bodysuit – Side to Side.  This comes in a variety of colors and various appliers are included.


Beautiful Dirty Rich @ Elite 


Hair:  Tameless Dominique

Pose:  Glitter Poses Jewelry Set



Shades of Me

Beautiful Dirty Rich has some new designs and all are perfect for the summer heat.  One is Shades of Me, a maxi dress with slits up both leg fronts (how sexy is that??).  A hud allows choices in texture and color choices.

BDR Shades of Me

Beautiful Dirty Rich


Hair:  Vanity Hair Freya Frizz (New)

Shoes:  LaVian&Co Midsummer Day

Pose:  PosESion August group gift

Earrings no longer available


Get Beach Ready

Summer is almost here and time to get ready for beach wear.  Beautiful Dirty Rich is participating in the Women Only Hunt with this beautiful exclusive color swim suit.  This comes with system clothing or various appliers.

Signature Pose is at the Pose Lovers event with a single pose pack – 018.  There are 10 poses in this package.

BDR WOH excl color

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Signature Pose @ Pose Lovers


Hair:  KoKoLoReS Sienna (VIP group gift)

Location:  Ville Par La Mer


I am Posing Reckless

Beautiful Dirty Rich has released some super hot over the knee boots – Reckless.  These come with a hud so you have a variety of colors to choose from, plus you can also change heel cap colors.  And to go with these boots, the Reckless collar which is very sexy.  Changes in collar and spike colors are also options via a hud.

Signature Pose at is the Gen Neutral event with 4 single pose packs.  Each pack contains 10 poses.  I am showing you one pose from each pack.

BDR Signature Pose 014 stand back
Pose Pack 014 Stand Back
BDR Signature Pose 015 exit
Pose Pack 015 Exit
BDR Signature Pose 016 energy walking
Pose Pack 016 Energy Walking
BDR Signature Pose 017 eavesdropping
Pose Pack 017 Eavesdropping

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Signature Pose @ Gen Neutral 


Hair:  Tameless Phoenix

Lip and Polish colors:  ZOZ Noir Flair

Outfit:  Beautiful Dirty Rich Reckless Leopard sold on the Marketplace

After the Rain

Beautiful Dirty Rich is at the Winter Trend event with After the Rain.  This outfit comes in many colors and includes a studded cardigan, inner shirt and vest, shredded jeans, cap and boots.  A hud provides lots of choices for the sweater, buttons, shirt, vest, boots, etc.  Various appliers are included as well.

BDR After the Rain 1

BDR After the Rain 2

BDR @ Winter Trend until December 18


Hair:  Little Bones Pogo (former Hair Fair gift)

Poses:  Adorkable Poses 25 Days of Poses on the Marketplace 

Location:  Winter Holiday Village


Magical Night

Beautiful Dirty Rich is participating in the Lubbly Jubblies event with Magical Night, a sexy lacey long dress with a slit up one side.  This outfit includes the shoes and a hud provides choices in inner/outer sole and metal colors.  Magical Night comes in various colors as well as appliers.

BDR Magical Night 1

BDR Magical Night 2

BDR Magical Night 3

BDR Magical Night 4

Beautiful Dirty Rich @ Lubbly Jubblies until November 13


Hair:  enVOGUE Alice

Earrings:  Chop Zuey Cheri Amour (former gift)

Poses: PosESion Amour



Absence of Fear

BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) has a new outfit – Absence of Fear.  This is a promo at 100L and includes the jacket, shirt, Dreamer jeans and ankle boots.  Various appliers also come in the package.  You have two versions to choose from, a solid or plaid jacket, and a hud provides choices in colors for jacket and shirt. You can also buy the ankle boots and Dreamer jeans separately.  And there are TWO group gifts this month, the Dreamer jeans in two colors.

BDR Absence of Fear 1

Absence of Fear V2
Absence of Fear V2

BDR Absence of Fear V2

Beautiful Dirty Rich 


Hair:  Tukinowaguma Silvie

Earrings:  MONS Lighting

Poses:  Nantra Goody 2 Shoes @ Designer Showcase

Location:  Crestwick Island


I’m a Dreamer

Beautiful Dirty Rich has a new release called Dreamer.  This outfit is exclusive at the Lubbly Jubblies event until August 13.  The ruffled top, jeans and wedge shoes come in 7 colors.  A hud provides choices in patterns for the top.  Various appliers are also included.  So cute for the summer day or night!

BDR Dreamer 1


BDR Dreamer 2

BDR Dreamer 3


Beautiful Dirty Rich @ Lubbly Jubblies 


Hair:  Analog Dog Li and Bang 1 (new freebie ball on beach)

Earrings and Bracelet:  Baubles by Phe Roxbury

Poses:  EverGlow

Location:  Crestwick Island

BDR is at Whore Couture

Beautiful Dirty Rich is at the Whore Couture, which runs through April 1.  Clubbin’ is a long body suit with plunging neckline and shredded bodice to the ankle.  Clubbin’ comes in 4 colors and includes the heels (for Slink high feet) and various appliers.  It’s Raining Hundreds is another body suit but shorter with shredded stockings and dollar bills peeping out of the top.  Shoes are included as well and comes with various appliers.

BDR Clubbin for Whore Couture



BDR It's Raining Hundreds for Whore Couture
It’s Raining Hundreds



Like backgrounds_001


Beautiful Dirty Rich @ Whore Couture


Hair:  Analog Dog Tantrum

Lip Color:  MONS Lipstick Glamorous (former group gift)

Poses by PosESion