LoveMe Skins is at the Boho Fair with an exclusive skin – Willow.  Willow comes in 6 skin tones and includes 6 lip and 2 brow colors, beauty mark and tattoo layer, as well as modifiable shape.  Various appliers are available at the main store for Willow.  This skin will only be available at the fair until November 2.

LoveMe Skins Willow 1

LoveMe Skins Willow 2

LoveMe Skins Willow 3

LoveMe Skins Willow @ Boho Fair


Hair no longer available

Dress:  LaVian&Co I’m Not in Love

Shoes:  VG Shoes Lola

Poses:  Glitterati Model Pack 8 (no longer available)



LoveMe Skins Events

LoveMe Skins is at two events with exclusive skins.  First, is Megan at the Rock Your Rack event.  This event is an annual fund raiser for breast cancer, which hits home for me as I celebrated 11 years as a breast cancer survivor in August 2015.  Megan comes in 6 skin tones, 2 brow and 6 lip colors, modifiable shape, cleavage as well as eye liner option and various appliers.  Rock Your Rack ends October 11.  More on the Rock Your Rack event here.

LoveMe Skins Megan 1
Megan in Cocoa skin tone

LoveMe Skins Megan 2

LoveMe Skins Megan at Rock Your Rack until October 11


Hair:  CaTwA Bella

Lingerie:  Maai Smile

Pose Prop:  Glitterati Curtains sold on the Marketplace

Gina is at the Premium Only event starting today and ending October 28.  Gina comes in 6 skin tones, 10 lipstick and 2 brow color options, modifiable shape as well as beauty mark, cleavage option and various appliers.

LoveMe Skins Gina 1
Gina in Sugar skin tone

LoveMe Skins Gina 2

LoveMe Skins Gina 3

LoveMe Skins Gina at Premium Only September 26 – October 28


Hair:  enVOGUE Alice (New)

Lingerie:  Maai Dox


DE.Boutique and LoveMe Skins at Events

DE.Boutique is at The Instruments until September 28 with several design items.  I am a denim kinda gal so I love this short ensemble – On the Road – which includes the necklace and fringe boots (for Slink mid feet).

LoveMe Carmella DEBoutique 1

LoveMe Carmella DEBoutique 2

LoveMe Carmella DEBoutique 5

LoveMe Skins is at The 24 until tomorrow, September 19 with an exclusive skin – Carmela.  Only 150 copies will be sold!  Carmela comes in several skins tones, various appliers, shape, lip and brow color tattoo layers, as well as beauty mark and cleavage tattoo layers.

LoveMe Carmella DEBoutique 3

LoveMe Carmella DEBoutique 4

DE Boutique at The Instruments

LoveMe Skins at The 24


Hair:  Damselfly Lori

Poses:  Signature Pose – New (in order) Vlad, Topaz, Nathi and Hikaru

Location:  D-LAB 

LoveMe Skins Fei

This beautifully Asian inspired skin will be at the Makeover Room starting September 1.  Fei comes in 6 skin tones and includes the shape, tattoo layers for cleavage, freckles, and eyeliner+shadow, two brow colors, as well as various appliers.  Fei is exclusive to the event.

LoveMe Fei Excl1  LoveMe Fei Excl 2

LoveMe Fei Excl 3

LoveMe Skins at the Makeover Room 


Hair:  Tameless Michelle

Earrings:  Swallow Riflesso available on the Marketplace

Dress:  Loovus Belle Sundress @ Designer Showcase

Shoes:  ECRU Inspirit Flats @ Designer Showcase

Poses:  KaTink Sadie


The October round of the Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room is still going on and 7 Deadly Skins and HEYDRA are participating designers.  7DS has Sacha skin in 4 versions with Slink hands/feet and Tango appliers.  HEYDRA has the Iris dress that comes with a hud for color choices.


Feebs 2




7 Deadly Skins and HEYDRA at Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room 


Hair:  LoQ’ue Rosolio (subscribe gift)

Earrings:  Baubles by Phe DropChrystal

Shoes:  LIV Glam Layla

Poses by EverGlow

Location:  Derailed


You will find Hanna at the Boho Culture Fair from LoveMe Skins.  This event runs until October 25.  Hanna comes in 4 skin tones with two brow colors (light and dark), a beauty mark tattoo layer, shape (not worn in these photos), 8 lipstick colors with each brow color and cleavage enhancement.  Various appliers are available at the event for Hanna.  This skin is exclusive to the event.

Hanna in Sunkiss
Hanna in Sunkiss

LoveMe Skins Boho Hanna 2 LoveMe Boho Hanna



LoveMe Skins @ Boho Culture Fair

Credits (in order of appearance)

Hair:  Changes (no longer available and Truth Candy

Headband (on Candy):  Izzie’s (old gift)

Outfit:  Beautiful Dirty Rich Tomorrow is Unknown @ Boho Culture Fair

Vest:  Beautiful Dirty Rich Long Road Fringe @ Boho Culture Fair

Poses by EverGlow @ Vintage and Cool Fair

Location:  Hippie Haven 

The Runway Perfect Hunt 5

The Runway Perfect Hunt 5 (TRPH5) starts today and will run through April 30th with 51 stores participating.  See here for hunt hints and SURLS.  Each item is only 5L.  Starting point is Morgane Batista.

wetcat dulce MEB MPP

wetcat dulce MEB MPP 2

wetcat dulce MEB MPP 3

wetcat dulce MEB

TRPH Items

Skin and Shape:  Dulce Secrets #37

Dress:  MEB Summer #35

Shoes:  My Pretty Pixels Sixties Heels #38

Poses:  WetCat Sillouette Female #10


Hair:  Alli & Ali Charlize

Harley wetcat and 69 park ave

Harley wetcat and 69 park ave 2

Harley wetcat and 69 park ave 3

TRPH Items

Outfit, including shoes:  69 Park Avenue # 27 GQ Cayman Collection

Poses:  WetCat Male Sillouette # 10


Hair:  Alli & Ali Morrisey



Precious Skins is at the Skin Fair with Blossom and Yoko in Caramel and Vanilla skin tones.  These skins ARE precious, with light tones and makeups.  Freckles can be added to for a really sweet look.  The Skin Fair runs until March 30.

Blossom Caramel no cleavage
Blossom Caramel no cleavage poppy makeup
Blossom Vanilla with cleavage and pink rose makeup
Blossom Vanilla with cleavage and pink rose makeup
Yoko Caramel no cleavage natural
Yoko Caramel no cleavage natural
Yoko Vanilla no cleavage sunset makeup
Yoko Vanilla no cleavage sunset makeup


Yoko Vanilla no cleavage, sunset makeup with freckles
Yoko Vanilla no cleavage, sunset makeup with freckles


Skin Fair Poster 2014

The Skin Fair 2014 - Map - Sim 2

Precious at the Skin Fair on Sim 2

Hair:  EMO-tions Ally

Swimsuit:  IMaGE Factory Cosmos

Poses by Glitterati (in world store closed)

Tokoyo Girl at the Skin Fair

Tokoyo Girl has three beautiful skins at the Skin Fair.  I really like these skins as they very fresh, without a lot of makeup.  Shapes are also Tokoyo Girl.

Hestia - sunkissed with eyeliner
Hestia – Sunkissed with Eyeliner

Skin Fair Tokoyo Girl Hestia 2

Inari - Tanned Pure
Inari – Tanned Pure

Tokoyo Girl Inari Tanned Pure 2

Tene - Natural Freckles
Tene – Natural Freckles

Tokoyo Girl Tene 2

Skin Fair Poster 2014


Tokoyo Girl at the Skin Fair Sim 2



Hair:  Tameless Dori

Outfit:  Bubbles Midnight


Hair:  EMO-tions Shy

Pants:  blah BLAH, blah Rockin’ Hawt


Hair:  Alli & Ali Abbey

Top:  IMaGE Factory Norah (jacket and tank top)

Pants:  Bitter Bunny Designs Sweet as Eff

All poses by Adorkable Poses (store closed)